Welcome to the laboratory of Dr. Rebecca Chin at the City University of Hong Kong. The major goal of our lab is to elucidate signaling pathways perturbed by genetic alterations in human solid tumors. We are particularly interested in studying tumorigenesis of triple negative breast cancer, an aggressive form of breast cancer for which there is no effective targeted therapy. Another major area of our investigation is to explore how breast cancer cells develop acquired resistance to therapies targeting the PI3K/Akt pathway. The approaches that we are taking including patient-derived tumor organoids, 3D culture, live-cell signaling dynamics, and high-throughput proteomics. The ultimate goal of our research is to develop more effective therapies with lower toxicity for cancer patients.

Positions Open 
We are looking for talented postdocs, graduate students and research assistants to join our group. 
Qingling and Amble,
welcome to our lab!


Jianyang has successfully passed his PhD oral defense! We are very proud of you, Dr. Hu!

City University of Hong Kong

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