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Jan 23, 2024     Birthday cake for Xue and Qingling

WhatsApp Image 2024-01-23 at 4.48.46 PM.jpeg

Dec 9, 2023    Lots of fun at our BBQ outing to celebrate the winter festivals


May 9, 2023    Congratulations to Qingling for being selected to present her work in BMS Research Gala!

May 2, 2023     Thanks our FYP students Ada and Gen for coming back to visit us! 


Sep 27, 2022        Congratulations Ye on his PhD degree! 


Jun 23, 2022        We had tons of fun in our outing at Whitehead! 


Jun 18, 2021        A founding member of Chin Lab, Tiffany, has just obtained her PhD at University of Pennsylvania. I'm                              so proud of you , Dr. Tsang! Wish you all the success wherever you go!


May 24, 2021        A long overdue lunch for celebrating paper publication, thesis defense, and birthdays!!!

Lab lunch 5_21.jpg

May 12, 2021        Congratulations to Alishba for successfully defended her thesis!

Alishba defense crop.jpeg

Apr 22, 2021        Despite COVID-19, our Final Year Project students John, Maggie and Katy spent some time in our lab to get real hands-on experience of research. Best wishes to them in embarking their new journey!

FYP students.jpg

Jul 22, 2020        Jianyang has successfully passed his PhD oral defense! We are very proud of you, Dr. Hu!

Defense photo.jpg

Jan 6, 2020        Great fun at the BMS Annual Dinner! 

annual dinner 1.jpg
annual dinner 2.JPG
annual dinner 3.JPG

Jun 28, 2019        Well done, Jianyang! The Best Poster Award (2nd Prize) at BMS Research Gala 2019 

gala 1.jpg
gala 2.jpg

Feb 19, 2019        Congratulate Lucky Draw Winners Jianyang and Alishba! ~ BMS Annual Gathering ~


Jan 30, 2019        Lab lunch for CNY celebration

lab lunch CNY.jpg

Dec 8, 2018        BBQ fun!


Aug, 2017, 2018, 2019  Thanks for spending the summer with us, Vincent, Kevin and Iulia! Best wishes for your studies ~ 


Jul 19-20 , 2017      CityU BMS Summer Camp 2017 

Feb 6 , 2017        Welcome Jianyang! Thanks for organizing our new lab ~ 

Oct 27, 2016        Joint CityU-Queen Elizabeth Hospital Workshop on Precision Oncology

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